Hp Mediasmart Server Ex490 Installation Software

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  2. Hp Mediasmart Server Ex490 Software Download

Great Server but you need to know a few things before bidding

Hp Mediasmart Server Ex490 Installation Software

The EX490 is an excellent small server solution for just about anyone interested in automated client backup, central file storage and media streaming. The server itself can be easily upgraded to provide additional performance. While its a headless unit you can purchase a DEBUG Board to add additional connectivity to the server including a Monitor which will open up a whole new world of possibilities.DO NOT purchase one of these units if the seller does not have the original disk set that came with the server. These disks can not be download or acquired from HP as they have discontinued this model but HP still offers troubleshooting support.Some sellers will point out the server has the COA Key on the bottom of the unit and that you can download the software for it and that's not fully correct. These servers have a key embedded in the BIOS so that key on the bottom is not required to install the software as it was intended.Just because a seller is able to turn it on does not mean the server is fully functional. If your going to buy one of these the seller should include a hard drive with the factor image on it.I personally support many people with these servers to help them get them running. Missing Disks, and the lack of a hard drive are red flags. Now I will purchase units without hard drives and recovery disks but these are purchased for parts and not as functional units. I do get lucky very often and find the server is fully functional but I have to the knowledge and toys to get them functional again.So if this is your first server I would recommend you find out if its a fully functional unit and that if its not that you can return it before I would even entertain submitting a bid.Read full review

Hp Mediasmart Ex495 Installation Software

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  3. Download the latest drivers for your HP MediaSmart Server to keep your Computer up-to-date.
  4. So without further ado, those of you with a MediaSmart can now install WHS2011 on it courtesy of ex HP employee Alex Kuretz of MediaSmartServer.net. Alex explains how to get the latest version of Windows Home Server installed on either a EX485, EX487, EX490, EX495, X510 DataVault or an LX195.

Hp Mediasmart Server Ex490 Software Download

The Software Installation Disc installs several programs that enable your computer to communicate with the HP MediaSmart Server over your network. Software firewalls installed on your computer can block this communication and prevent the computer from locating the HP MediaSmart Server on your network. Is the install disk(or download). Is the install disk(or download) for hp mediasmart server EX490 avalable? I have misplaced mine and actually have never set up the server. Should I just use newer versions of windows server (2008 or 2011)? Thanks, John Depending on your needs, I recommend going to. The Good The HP MediaSmart Server EX495 offers fast performance, innovative digital content management, and an excellent storage and backup solution.