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I am looking for a batch command to retrieve an USB key manufacturer serial number. I need a command that works in both Windows XP and Windows Seven. Common WMI queries I have found useful. To use the WMI query? The following command to extract the Manufacturer and Model of the hardware on the local machine.

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I have put together a robust HP Warrant Lookup PowerShell script. However, I cannot figure out how to get a HP system's product number in an automated process. So..

How can I get HP product number (not the serial number) via PowerShell? Although I would like to do with only built-in out-of-the-box Windows and PowerShell commands, I am open to other ideas. In the end, the ultimate goal is retrieve the product number in the most reliable and least invasive way possible (i.e. installing 3rd software).



Get-WmiObject Win32_ComputerSystem Select-Object OEMStringArray



{ABS 70/71 79 7A 7B 7C, CMS v01.4A, HP_Mute_LED_0, www.hp.com}

.. But expecting to find XT908UT#ABA

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5 Answers

Here are some methods that work for various computer models.

Method 1 : Registry

The HP product number is in the registry so can be retrieved in PowerShellHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEHARDWAREDESCRIPTIONSystemBIOSitem SystemSKU.

More information and script can be found in the article :
How to: Find the HP Product Number of all your HP server using powershell.

Method 2 : rootwmi – MS_SystemInformation

Class MS_SystemInformation contains the product number in its member SystemSKU.
(Presumably it gets it from the registry as in the first method.)

For more info see Richard Siddaway's Blog.

Method 3 : Class Win32_BIOS

The following fragment finds the product number for some computer makes. Tested on Dell.

The Microsoft reference information is found in the article Win32_BIOS class.

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This is tested on a HP Laptop. I think HP 'Product number' is called SystemSKUNumber in win32_computersystem WMI. Tested on my HP laptop.

Will result in:


If anyone else comes across this question, be advised, the entirety of win32_computersystem doesn't appear to contain the product number for servers, specifically. I was unable to actually find the information via WMI, but it turns out I was actually given the product number AND serial numbers for a number of servers (the spreadsheet was horribly formatted, so the two fields just looked like one big string until my afternoon coffee kicked in).

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Works on Windows 7 & Windows 10From another user that posted. @harrymc

or try

Get Serial Number From Wmi

$Server can be directly replaced by a ComputerName. example..

Wmi Computer Serial Number

Keep in mind if you are on a domain you may need to provide credentials by either using an invoke-command or -credentialHp software for printer. parameter.


Is it possible? I would like to edit the following script file to include the printer serial number. Wmi get printer serial number. ' PrinterWMI.vbs ' Sample WMI Printer VBScript to interrogate properties ' ' -----------------------------------------------' Option Explicit Dim objWMIService, objItem, colItems, strComputer, intPrinters strComputer ='.' Note: I am in the learning phase of scripting. The following does not seem to work.

if WinRm is not configured on client, you may experience issues.

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I am looking for a batch command to retrieve an USB key manufacturer serial number. I need a command that works in both Windows XP and Windows Seven.

This is for a hardware follow-up. I have a script that sends emails when a problem occurs and it needs to include a way to identify the removable disk.

At first I used vol e: but the number changes when the disk is formatted.

On several sites I saw wmic diskdrive get serialnumber but it doesn't seem to work (at least on W7). The command returns Invalid XML.

This is not surprising. I ran wmic diskdrive get /? and the available options are:

No SerialNumber..

Do you have a better idea?



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1 Answer

I've finally found the solution on Stackoverflow.

The SerialNumber property doesn't exist.

I now use:

wmic diskdrive get PNPDeviceID

But a fix exists from Microsoft here.

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