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I am doing some embedded systems development work and I have an FTDI USB to Serial bridge chip on the board I am working on. It randomly drops received bytes. This only happens under Arch linux as I just recently switched from Ubuntu and I had no problems there. I have the same problem on another computer I use that also runs Arch, though the problem there is much worse. I'm assuming it's a kernel interrupt priority issue. I don't really know where to start debugging this, so any input would be much appreciated. Unfortunately, it's quite random. Sometimes it's rock solid and sometimes it drops a byte every few hundred or so, causing some rather anoying issues. Cast in point: it seems to be working fine at the moment but earlier it was wreaking havoc while I was tring to carry out some calibration operations. The other computer I tried it with is consistently bad, though, getting out of sync almost immediately. The first computer (usually good performance) has a high end 2nd gen core i7 (sandy bridge) while the second (not so good performance) computer has an intel atom processor.

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Oct 22, 2013  serial port with php. HOW TO USE HYPER-TERMINAL AND SERIAL COMMUNICATION WITH FPGA PART-2 - Duration: 3:32. Naresh Singh 224,281 views. 4 ways communicating with serial port in linux. Serial Communication. Need to write incoming bytes from a serial port to a text file? On a Unix or Linux machine (or OSX), you can do the following. This is a step-by-step guide to using the serial port from a program running under Linux. The serial communication does not group transmitted data into packets.

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I have a serial port device that I would like to test using linux command line. Reading from serial from linux command line. Browse other questions tagged. This class can be used to communicate with a serial port under Linux or Windows. It takes the path (like '/dev/ttyS0' for linux or 'COM1' for windows) of serial device and checks whether it is valid before opening a connection to it. It runs from a Live-CD distribution of Linux called LinuxCNC. On device with serial port like Win/Mac/Linux/Raspberry Pi/BeagleBone/etc, but run jobs from your.

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I am building an online POS and trying to establish low level communication with an Epson tm-t88iv thermal printer. there is no direct printing of files, only hexadecimals or ascii can be sent to the hardware in a specific format for it to print. all of this done in a linux enviroment (both ubuntu 13.10 and 12.04).

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Now the problem is that I can't establish communication with the printer. I have tried using Jzebra and other java to javascript libraries but with no luck, so I changed to a more familiar environment and tried using the php serial class with a status check code but nothing happens.

which returns an empty string. Also the printer is not receiving the hexadecimals (it is set on a hex-dump state, to print every hex it receives).

I am not sure even if its a coding or hardware problem. I tried installing cutecom to talk with serial port but I don't get any answers either. I also tried doing some stty commands directly from shell but got nothing either.

If someone can please shed a light on why this is happening or if he has any similar experience, it would be great.


p.d: i am connecting using a prolific pl2303 serial to usb cable and its correctly installed as far as i am aware.

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Php Serial Port Communication

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