Inventory Management System Project In Php Free Download

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Online Inventory Management System Project In Php Free Download

An Inventory and Sales Management System written in PHP (codeIgniter) with support for MySQL and Sqlite3 databases

  • Products Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Viewing and Printing of Transactions Within Specific Dates
  • Barcode Scanning of Products for product and transaction management
  • Custom Analytics
  • User Management
  • Monthly/Yearly Earnings Overview
  • VAT
  • Discount

Sales and Inventory System in PHP Free Download Below I will share the project, you need to download it. After the download this project you can see many files in Folders. Simple Inventory System Project is a web application which is implemented in Php platform.Free download Simple Inventory System Php project with source code, Document, Reports, synopsis.Simple Inventory System source code in php and database is wamp server database,mysql used.Free download Php Project tutorial.

  • mod_rewrite must be enabled
  • PHP >= 5.4 is recommended
  • Browser with support for most ES6 features is recommended
  • If you edit the folder name, you will need to do the following:
    • Open .htaccess in the root folder and change the line with 'mini-inventory-and-sales-management-system' to your new folder name. Leave it blank if app is directly inside your www or html directory.
    • Open 'application/config/config.php' and do the same.
    • Open 'public/js/main.js' and do the same.

View demo here:

To log in:

  • Email:
  • Password: demopass

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  • I am using this on live environment, but the problem is 1) we cannot put the quantity in decimals (example two and half kilogrmas- 2.5 Kg) 2) when we enter sales the stock balance in stock item is not getting updated. the balance in stock item remains the same even though sales and purchase details are correct. Brendon burchard goal sheet. 3) the session is getting closed every 60 seconds, changed the setting in application setting but doesn't work. 4) After creating new user, when we do the login, the page gets into loop and doesn't login. please resolve or give solutions, as I like the software and using it in live production environment.

  • Hi I've download the stock_php code and it works fine but when I try to create another user with the default level it doesn't let me enter and shows redirected you too many times. Try: Reloading the page Clearing your cookies ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS Maybe I'm having a wrong config. I just did what the README file says. Please help and sorry for bothering you with this.

  • where is CSS file? css file is not working. Please fix this and thanks you

    Install mysql module php windows installer 2008. There are some excellent all-in-one Windows distributions that contain Apache, PHP, MySQL and other applications in a single installation file, e.g. XAMPP (including a Mac version), WampServer and. Apr 04, 2016  Learn to install Apache, PHP and MYSQL on Windows 10 Machine step by step In this tutorial, you’ll learn how you can make your own WAMP server by installing Apache, PHP and MySQL server manually on Windows 10.

  • 1. im getting error in application setting when i update ' Failed to execute SQL. Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AND Option_Default = 'Y' at line 1 ' 2. i cant update other currency

  • I have one issue.. The .css's in phpcss folder seem to have errors(my IDE alerts me) thus when I try to run it, it doesn't display properly, so I cannot use the system.. :

Inventory Management System Using Php Free Download

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