Install Linux On Hp Thin Client

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So you want to set up a small network for a business or just for home. Think about thin clients. Using thin clients has always been an important thing with me.Though they are mini subsets of full computers they save money in electricity and require less support. Most thin clients work by depending on a computer server to dish them content. Usually this is done using software known as terminal server clients. Normally most people use LTSP (linux terminal server project) to set up thin clients with linux. That does take a bit of setup. I will show an easier way. This set up will be for Debian linux. If you have another version of linux besides Debian, the setup will need to be done differently. Debian linux is probably one of the most universal linux distros around. If you want to get Debian linux go to My original experiment was with a Pentium 4 computer though lesser or even more powerful machines as servers might work.A virtual machine should work like a charm. Php file upload multiple. Whats Next?
Note: You can also install xrdp so that mswindows machines (or other rdp clients) can connect to the server. Wrote this instructable before Ipads and Android tablets were common. You can get rdp clients for Android and the Ipad so you do not have to work with that old equipment. A more preferable solution.

Install Linux On Hp Thin Client

Install Linux On Hp Touchpad

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Install Linux On Hp Thin Client T5720

HP t5325 thin client hacked to full Debian system. When it boots it clearly shows a Linux boot process, so I thought it might be fun to see if it could be hacked. Apr 03, 2010  Almost Free Computers or Using Thin Clients With Debian Linux. 3, 2010 in Technology Linux Stats. Introduction: Almost Free Computers or Using Thin Clients With Debian Linux. By Computothought Computothought Follow More by the author. You could install linux on it and go from there. I’ve been hacking around with a HP t5325 thin client. This post describes how to convert it from a dumb terminal in to a full desktop system (for more general information see here. The client is designed primarily to connect to Windows Terminal Servers, though it can also run ssh and XSessions natively. Installing printer on thin client Hi, I have HP t5145 Thin Client, and i want to install printers (Epson TM-T88IV printer and Brother HL-2140) Terminal Server - Windows 2008 R2.

Hp Thin Client Linux

The lazy ones can buy a module from the manufacturer of these machines. But spending 40 bucks for a pretty lame linux with almost no features? No way! We are hackers, if a manufacturer can do this, we can do this even better.
All we've got to do is to erase the 128 MB card in our card reader and get a new operating system on it.
So remove the card (turn off the thinclient, if it's still running..) and put it into your card reader in your Linux or Windows PC. If your're lucky you can format it without any problems. In my case Murphy's law hit me once again and my computer didn't let me format the card. Give up and buy the manufacturer's card? Don't even think about this 'option'. Try to get a digital camera which uses the same type of memory cards. In my case this was my Sony Alpha DSLR. I put the card in, used the 'Format card' option from the menu and there was no longer a problem.
Put the card back again in your PC card reader, start Unetbootin (if not done before, download it from here: ), select the Damn Small Linux image (get it from here: and select the target device. This is the compact flash card in your reader, which can be shown as a drive letter (Windows) or a device (Linux). After a short time you'll get a message that the copy process is completed. Quit the tool, remove the card from your reader and put it back again in your thinclient.