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  • Windows XP Product key list 100% working and tested for all the editions like Professional, SP1, SP2 as well as SP3. Use these Serial number on your win xp and activate it now.
  • Xp pro Sp2 +hp product key recovery. I read your post about needing to recover the Windows product key and wanted to help. Install Belarc Advisor and run it.
  • Nov 09, 2011  HP pc re-install Windows XP Product key invalid I have purchased HP Compaq DC 7900 Convertible Minitower PC 3 years ago with downgrade to Windows XP (pre-installed when shipped). Recently, I have problem with my PC and re-formatted the pc.

This is the Product Key and according to HP it should be for XP Home. EvaluateSoftware.com still sells Windows XP Pro. If you're new to the TechRepublic Forums.

I have an somewhat older Notebook with an original Windows XP Professional License Sticker underneath. This Notebook was erased completely once and now I want to install a new Windows XP Professional System on it using the key that's on the sticker.

But there seems to be one problem: I am using an Windows XP Professional SP3 image I got from my university (thanks to MSDNAA). But somehow I cannot use the license key on the sticker with this installation. It keeps saying that this key is invalid.What can I do? Is this because I try to install a Win XP Professional with SP3 directly? Do I need another image to install this?

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5 Answers

With a Windows XP SP3 Home or Professional disc, you can press Next when asked for the Product Key.

After the install has finished, you will be prompted for the product key when you activate Windows.

Product Key-less install option. As with Windows Vista, new XP with SP3 installs can proceed without entering a product key during Setup.

Source: http://www.winsupersite.com/faq/xp_sp3.asp

We regularly use this method at work to reinstall Windows XP for customers who have no restore discs.

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Unlocking WinXP's setupp.ini explains how to force Windows XP to accept retail, OEM, or volume license keys during installation (as well as how to change the CD's behavior). This is especially useful for installing Windows XP on a computer with an OEM license when you've only got a retail CD handy. Working from a retail ISO image, simply open I386SETUPP.INI in a text editor and replace the last 3 digits of the Pid with 'OEM' (sans quotes). Tested successfully with HP, Gateway, and Toshiba OEM product keys. See also: Editing ISO images and Product IDs (cached copy).

Before proceeding with the software installation, the printer must first be properly set up, and your computer must be ready to print. Click Add New Printer Follow the instructions of the Add Printer Wizard. Hp hewlett-packard laserjet 1100 driver. Turn on the printer first, then turn on the computer. This section will help you in the download of the software to your computer and start you on the install process. Add the printer if it hasn't been installed yet.

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You can install Windows without a key and then after installing change the last three digits of the value Pid in key HKLMSYSTEMSetupPid to OEM. This will change the retail version of Windows into OEM.

Product Key Windows Xp

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Windows Xp Pro Sp2 Serial

Yes, different installation images require different keys. The sticker on your Notebook is likely for an OEM build, and you are trying to use that key on what may be a student or some other retail build. It simply won't work.

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The license key on the sticker is probably an OEM key, which will only work with an OEM installation disc.

Windows Xp Pro Sp2 Product Key

The full version SP3 installation disc is not an OEM disc, and will not work. However, this disc should have come with its own, working key. Try talking with someone at the bookstore.

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