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HealthPointe 2.0 is no longer operating/trading. See all Diet Programs.

3.9 from 45 reviews

Liz says: I got talked into trying Amway's Healthpointe 2.0 program for weightloss. Stupid, stupid, stupid! They get you to buy the program ('You can't put a price on your health!' ) for about $80AU but I didn't realise how much it was really going to cost me until I went shopping for the basic recommended stuff and walked out of the Amway Business Centre with an extra $600 charge to my credit. The Club Healthpointe Program is available as a do-it-yourself kit, or as a personalized coaching experience guided by our wellness coaches. The coaching is an.

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Bold and Beautiful

Might work for some but not for me

It is an Amway thing. You are assigned a 'coach' which is often the person who coaching the one who introduced you to the plan. You also get a 'dream team' which is made up of the person you know plus other people you've possibly met once or not at all.

My initial visit was horrible. I felt as though I was a ball being bounced around from over friendly person to even more extremely friendly person. The 'presentation' was informative enough but the main presenter was looking at me throughout and targeting me for responses. I just walked in the door and found it very intimidating'. It was a whirlwind experience that I did not enjoy at all but seeing as a very close friend of mine has had great success on this eating plan, I thought it would be worth it. So, over $400 to sign up (ouch).

I was impressed with the initial weight loss but body was not happy about being on protein, protein, protein and eating every 90 mins and half a protein bar just makes me feel like I'm eating lollies every 90 minutes. I just don't want to do that and no balance e.g. no grains, no fruit, no fibre, no veg - sorry. I just don't function well like that.

The positive thing about the program was (and is) the 5000 steps before breakfast. I managed to get into the routine and I'm still getting up early and walking or swimming in the morning, most days. Sure, I have a morning or two when I relax or need to get to a work commitment or the physio but I make up for this and do my exercise in the afternoon which is usually a walk PLUS a swim. My tan is great and my arms are SO toned!

My first 'top up' visit (weight and measurements) was without my coach and after I replaced my protein bars and vitamins, that set me back another $400+. The consultants with me recommended buy this and buy that so you get points. I didn't understand that these points are only worthwhile if you decide to run a business. Another big financial OUCH to a single income person.

This has NOT changed my life in the slightest. If they want me to be honest, I really don't believe that taking a bucket load of vitamins and eating protein ONLY for the first 3 days is a balanced diet. I appreciate that I'm motivated to get up and 'do something' first thing in the morning but then again, I was doing something every day before hand, just not always in the morning.

Like I said, this plan might work for others, but it isn't for me AND it is very expensive.

Customer Service
Start DateNovember 2018


excellent program for everyone, individual (FREE) coach, NOT AMWAY produce from Lindora clinic in USA

This like anything requires commitment, follow the program follow the coaches ( who is free) advice, eat every 2 hours really unusual for me, had to learn thi. Not hard to adapt if eating out. teaches you good choices, what to eat when and what to do if you mess up ( back on track in one day . awesome). Teaches you what we never are taught by parents or school. Talks about food, good water, correct supplementation and right food combinations, cheat days and how to combat that.. never hungry always satisfied and so much energy sleeping well even in mid menopause. I tried it my way.. not so good still lost weight but not as much as I do when I do it their way, yes I need to bars the shakes and the supplements and the coach to be accountable

Customer Service
Start DateSeptember 2017
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Anyway scam STAY AWAY.

Here is what I know to be true about WLCW
STAY AWAY and save your hard earned money It’s a program to sell you over priced YES very over priced AMWAY supplements.
The coaches have no real training or knowledge they are just hungry for money get rich quick scammers. They are not qualified.

They talk the talk and seem so friendly ,
Then they push you to hold meetings and want you to sign up as many people as possible so they have more people under them making money for THEM.

YOU WILL loose weight if you follow the diet and walk.
It’s the CSIRO diet However there is no money in it for them unless they sign you up to the AMWAY scam and sell you the AMWAY products. That’s where there money is made.

That is not what makes you loose the weight.
Your commitment to following a healthy diet and
Exercise is how you loose your weight
They will tell you that you need the supplements etc yeah yeah blah blah just Buy the same ones or similar much cheaper elsewhere.
All you will get is very expensive pee.

My friend also did this diet and he has put back on more than he lost and very quickly too and is now out of pocket thousands and thousands of dollars.

I went along to a so called “meeting” they were very sneaky and dodged the questions regarding the company ( AMWAY)
Too pushy for me and they all seem FAKE they want your money and will feed you lies to get it

Think hard before handing over your money. They are trained hard and well to know what to say and how to entice you and drag you in.

The good reveiwes are from people wanting to sign you up.


Really Good Weight Loss Program

I have lost about 23 kg on this program. The one on one coaching is great which helps when you have to loose a lot of weight over a long period of time. You snack all day which helps with the hunger and makes it practical as a long term solution. They do try and push Amway products on you and I basically said I wasn’t interested and they were fine with that. They are a bit over priced and unnecessary. I stuck with real food and the program has been great.

Happy to review

Very disappointed with supplements and seller's product knowledge

I have complex medical history with severe allergies, I tested products for a long time and end up not using the supplements because they caused more allergies due to some ingredients. The seller didn't ask or know the products well enough to guide me, neither I didn't get refund even it was only a few days outside of the 90 day money back guarantee! It didn't help with getting the refund that my GP recommended not to use these products. No flexibility whatsoever and I can see now that money is more important for this program than peoples health. I don't want to recommend this to anyone unless you don't get a very experienced seller with excellent product knowledge.

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Lydia N

Question on Program.

I have a question I just signed up for this program and I am only willing to stay with it until I reach my ultimate goal, I am wondering if I do not like it am I able to quit and how do I go about doing this. It seems more like a program to sell Amway products rather than actually lose the weight. I am also wondering if I have to take the supplements.


Enthiran 2

Awesome guys highly recommend, but each to there own

Hey guys everyone is different ive tried isagenix, and herbalife both of which had small elements that worked but i found healthpointe worked for me as a whole, I lost 23kgs in total, i was doing a body transformation challenge and my PT who was also my sister in law, had me healthpointe which i didn't even realize, she just advised and instructed and i listened.
She sorted and advised me of foods andmeal plans, and she was my support, no meetings because i didn't know that it was healthpointe.
Since then ive been to a few healthpointe presentations and it seems consistent that the people who have lost the weight don't have excess skin.
Long story short i start healthpointe on monday to help me lose another 20kgs to get me into a healthy weight range.
A few people that i tell about Healthpointe, are all interested and keen, but as soon as the word Amway is mentioned they screw up there nose, guys whatever beef you have with the word Amway, whether it be bad experience or just going off word of mouth let it go, i used to be one of those people, going off word of mouth.

Yawam K Cuf

I lost weight but my cholesterol skyrocketed

I lost a stack of weight of the program but my cholesterol sky rocketed and I have never had high cholesterol. The supposed weight loss coaches aren’t coaches they have no training and are just Amway devotees who push you into buying products that you can’t afford and they can’t explain what the benefits are (except to push up their PV). This program will help you lose weight but anyone who thinks this isn’t a vehicle for Ben Physick to grow his Amway empire is deluded

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Rowena B

They care more about Amway than you

I did this through Weight Loss Coaching Works. Yes I lost weight but it caused my blood pressure to be too low. I have since put it all back on. They don't want you buying any other vitamins apart from the Amway ones which are a load of s*** in my opinion.


Focus on selling supplements, too high protein intake

I had experience with Weight Loss Coaching Works that uses the Healthpointe 2.0 You will lose weight( as you do when you stick to a DIET) but they claim you have to eat real food and then advise light cheese , protein bars and powders..not so very real.
This diet is low carb, low fat and high protein..not balanced at all.
Very pushy to sell over priced supplements, and want you to sell to others!
Actually can be dangerous to diabetics and other bodies that can not handle high intake of protein.


Only try to sell products no support

Wast of money you have to stick with Amway products all the time after 6 week like protin and supplement ones they sell the product then finish there task no support provide. Be careful try some other options.


Program works but agents are pushy trying to make money

If you are signing up for it just pay for the program as they are people trying to push AMWAY and NETWORK21 products and services. I am a genuine customer but had terrible experience with them. They signed you for different things saying for example 'oh the first month of network 21 is free, even if they charge you just call them and get a refund '..not true they won't refund you what so ever.


Absolutely fabulous health & wellness program

The program is designed for better health safely. NOT A DIET program. Eat real food, in real portions, moderate exercise, and no gimmicks. Designed by the largest medical weight management clinic in the US with a 45 year track record. If anyone says it isn't good or doesn't work, they are not following the program and/or have a lousy coach. It works great when it's done correctly. Health Pointe 2.0 uses high quality product from Nutrilite that keeps the integrity of the original program intact. It worked great for me to take off 14 lbs. in 6 weeks. Meals use all of the food groups, protein, very complex carbs, complex carbs, and simple carbs. My coach was very good, thorough, & professional. There were no meetings to go to or having to openly share private information with others. With the lifetime maintenance program I have kept the weight off for 10 years. Very simple and effective program to follow. Works to keep weight off for the long term, 2 years or more, where other programs don't. No counting calories or points. I have a BS & MS in health promotion & human performance & am certified as a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition.


Very Harsh HealthCoach! Shame cos the program was good. But they use it as a scheme for you to join

I was 2 weeks into the first cycle of the program. By then, I have already lost 2 kilos. Quite impressed. I would have been happy to continue. The only reason why I quit is because the health coach became too pushy when I chose not to attend their BDS which meant 'Business Development Seminar'. I did not want to because although they say it is to 'keep a positive mind, by being in a positive environment' I knew there was some sort of an introduction to networking. True enough, when I asked a friend who went he said that meeting ran for 2.5 hours and only 20 minutes was spent for inspirational talk, the rest was networking strategies. Scheming, if I may say. And then I received very long messages from the coach's husband (who was the main AMWAY guy I was introduced to) saying that I should be grateful for the FREE COACHING that his wife is giving me considering that she is a full time breastfeeding mom of 6 and a lone carer of her 2 elderly parents. I was also manipulated by him into thinking that if I quit, by not attending the meetings (which mind you costs $25 to attend to) I am a failure and that it is as if I am choosing to accept, 'The body I had before the program'. Exactly the very manipulative words he used and I have screenshots to prove. I was very disappointed. They are the ones who speak about positive mind, positive environment but they were the very first ones to violate. I am not saying that the program is not good. It's just how they run it. Imagine, to be able to comply you have to attend a weekly meeting which costs $7, a monthly meeting which costs $25 and an annual gathering which costs $158. Before you decide to join the program be sure you have the time and money to fund it. Altogether, I spent $500 in 2 weeks. Only because of the little expenses here and there that was not made clear at the start. I was just initially told that the program, costs $120.And then came all the supplement and protein bars, amounting to a total of $500. Plus they get more money for the compulsory meetings. Plus the Health Coach at OSBORNE PARK, WA treats you like crap when you don't comply.

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When all hope was lost- I found Healthpointe!

This is not a diet. It is a whole program. It has INCREDIBLE support and when you follow all the steps together it actually works. I have had a long term goal and will follow this program FOR LIFE it is so easy and sustainable I love this new way of life - it has actually given me my life back!


Better results

Unlike other weight loss programs you don't have to feel hungry, just top up with any sort of protein, eg; meat slices or lean cooked meats around 1 to 2 hours keeping the carbs low.
The program jumps after 4 weeks to more food.
Coaching, food plan available with or without their food from Amway but it helps.
The start up and running costs can be restrictive but there a ways around it by looking outside the box.
I lost 7.5 kg in 4 weeks in a physical job and did not feel any loss of energy in fact it was the opposite.

Skeptic Guru

Go HealthPointe2.

I am totally amazed with Healthpointe2.I have tried many others!! This is backed by Science ,Doctors.I dont crave for food nor do I crave for sugar.I am drinking water, 1L-1.5L which I never do (normally drink tea thats it) and if it were not for those yummy Nutriway, 'ALL ORGANIC Whole Dense food' Freeze Dried diet supplements!!!! Protein Bars that basically have no Carbs nor sugar .WOW why have I not heard of this Program before in 11 days 5kg and 38cm later.You are all mad not to try this. Its a Program.My GP wasnt wrong when He said this will change my life .I am pinching myself.My endocrinologist said he would not do any other program & says he promotes Healthpoint2 as he has achieved results personally and for his clients too? Again why haven't we heard of this before? I am even off 2L coke daily with there XS Energy drinks the only Caffeine in this is Green Tea Caffeine.Crazy!!!


Halved cholesterol in 6 weeks of vitamins with 4 weeks in HP plan

Health Pointe 2.0 Diet

As an older person. I was worried about my job options. I now have lost 6 kg, halved the cholesterol and walk all the way to work instead of a bus. Not bad for a 56yr lady. thank you HP


This Program Works If You Follow It Properly

2.0 Trailer

I started this program back in October 2014 with a starting weight of 86 kilos. I consistently lost 1 kilo a week (excluding the Christmas/NYE period when I broke the diet) and continued to lose weight till I hit my goal of 70 kilos (I am 165CM). I have maintained this weight and even after my goal my body has continued to tone up passively which is nice.

I do no more / no less of what the program requires. I walk the required steps and am constantly eating and not feeling hungry. Like anything in life if you read the information and get an understand of food nutrition then the weight will come off and stay off.

When I go out with my fiancée we now know what foods to avoid and even if we do indulge on something NOT on the program we understand what we are putting into our mouths.

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The common misconnection is that this is a diet but in reality it’s a way of life in the sense that once you know what certain foods will when you eat them / eat them in conjunction with other types of food, what happens when you force yourself to starve and so on you just understand better and as a result you will be healthier and certain medical ailments have started to diminish as a result.

Also reading the comments this diet is from Network 21 which is a business model to work in conjunction with Amway. The simple truth is WHO CARES if it is Amway, if the product works then it works. Not once have I ever said or been told ‘you must only use their products’ as you don’t have to. Personally YES if you did use their products you will lose weight faster but its optional.

To be quite frank if you go into this then do it properly, if you do not do a proper cycle to lose weight then do not complain that you did not yield proper results.

Also this is not for everyone, my fiancée has a medical condition that prevents weight loss and as a result had to result to a diet more medically suited to her condition. That being said when we do go out due to a better food nutrition she has found herself feeling better.


This works!!!!

I haved used HealthPointe and what many don't educate themselves on is the quality of the supplements and vitamins. You pay for what you get. Plants are used in HealthPointes products not chemicals. Compare before you judge!!!

Programa Healthpointe 2.0

Questions & Answers

Hi there everyone I have read most of the reviews and its alarming to see there is more cons then pros. I am more interested in how can one maintain what they have lost after they leave the program. I mean how can you go to a restaurant and order 100g of chicken with no other vegetables or carbs added to it. Also no one explains the alcohol part at all. I love wine and it seems like I have to give it up altogether. This is not a lifestyle program if you have to eliminate what you love? Is it true you HAVE to spend $260 a month on vitamins???
In the weight loss phase, one does not eat 100g of chicken alone for lunch or dinner. There should be veggies and a serving of fruit too. I normally skip dessert, so no icecream or cake. Watch the potatoes, rice, pasta and sauces. Lettuce is good as it has fibre, makes one feel fuller and body takes a bit longer to digest that. Carbs should be 100g a day. Lower carbs means body should use its stored reserves. Eating and snacking on protein means body does not tap into its muscle mass that leads to muscle loss.Snacking on carbs defeats the object of reducing carbs. Also need some fats - the good ones.Alcohol - that is fattening due to the carbs it contains. You've seen men that drink a lot have a beer or wine gut. Best to avoid during weight loss phase.One also has to ensure ones fibre intake is adequate to avoid digestion issues.Maintenance means one slowly adds more food, but watch the portions, as big portions led to weight gain in the first place. If one drinks Alcohol, then in moderation, as we all should be aware. One 100ml glass of wine, but who can really stick to that? I admit I cannot: 2 glasses for me. A schooner of beer has to last me. It can be quite filling. Then I got to consider drink driving.Portions served in restaurants are generally large, hence why 60% or more of us are overweight. Our big eyes leads to big demands that leads to big tummies. Meals served are generally not balanced. Say one gets a burger, whether from the golden arches or a gourmet one, how much veggies does one really get? A slice of beetroot and a few sprigs of Alfalfa? I don't count a raw onion or three as a veggie.A portion of cheese is the size of 2/3 large dice. I struggle with that myself, as that is way too small for me. A dice or three is just a taste or nibble. Mind you, good cheese is packed with fat (25% or more.)Water is good, but I am not into the 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. That apparently arose because of a radio talk show decades ago, and there is no scientific evidence the average person needs to drink 1,5L to 2L of water a day.True that some people should not go into this Healthpointe diet. People with kidney issues comes to mind, as the kidneys excrete protein waste, and too much protein will cause excess strain. Diabetics, properly educated, can benefit from this diet.It is suggested one consults ones doctor before embarking on HP. One I asked said it was a gimmick, and added people in concentration camp lost weight. Who wants to go down that starving path? Another doctor preferred to prescribe weight loss pills than to look and understand the programme. Also, there would be little profit in it for him.Lindore Clinics and Healthpointe existed long before the CSIRO diet. Body Trim is based hugely on Healthpointe and is a copy cat.Regarding vitamins or supplements, did you read the article in the HP website about it?Hi Sangcropper, the information on this site is not really accurate and doesn't give the full picture of HealthPointe. I have been a HealthPointe coach for some time, and have experienced the results first hand. There is a comprehensive plan for lifetime maintenance and believe me, I love a wine or two myself and I most certainly enjoy my carbs at every meal! It is all about learning what to eat and when and having a coach that can take you through the program and guide you into the maintenance phase (and they are always available to you, even years after you have reached your goal weight) is key. Speak to the person who introduced you to the program and if they don't have the answers they can refer you to their own coach. I hope this has helped, I have a degree in nutrition and researched this program thoroughly before deciding to work with it - I am very happy that I made that decision and I hope you decide to give it a try because it is a great program that has very solid science behind it. All the best :)
Apologies if I have already asked you.Are you still interested in getting the programme? I am in SYDNEY. You can message me and I will check my inbox on this website. (I assume your response will go there.)CheersHi Fantine, do you still want to buy the program? Steve
Could someone please explain to me why I have to buy audios and attend weekly seminars and once a month go to a motivational speaker and pay $240 for these on monthly basis and I have to pay for all of this on top of my vitamins and food..
I wonder the same thing, I didn't find the audios useful, neither didn't attend the seminars. Better to ask the person who sold the package for you.Hi, I am on the program, and I am finding it amazing. At the end of the day, you just have to say your are no interested in the that side of the program, I have and this has not affected the way my coaches are coaching me, they offered this to me and I said NO and they accepted my response.Spent around $300 for the lifetime coaching and initial products. Checked the ingredients and found supermarket equivalents. Lost 20kg in 22 weeks and did find it changed my life. Lots of walking was fabulous. Can't stop now. Diet was cyclical, building up the carbs so you always knew you could eat what you craved on day 42 before you started again. So easy to stick to when you see results each week and get lots of support.
HealthPointe 2.0
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Healthpointe 2 0 Programacion

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