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Printing Crystal Reports - Printer Drivers and Fonts Purpose Printing Crystal Reports is a series of documents that explain how Crystal Reports behaves when viewing, exporting and printing. Subject: RE:[peoplesoft-fi-l] Printing Crystal Reports On A HP Laserjet Printer. We have a very old check printer with special drivers as well. Thank you to all. Epson scanner software download.

We have a website that is responsible for running a bunch of Crystal Reports and displaying them in the browser. This part works fine, however the website was recently set up on a new server and we're having an issue actually printing the reports.

Crystal Reports Printer Driver Dependency

When we try to print the reports the print dialog shows up, but so does the error 'No default printer selected. You may use the control Panel to select a default printer.'

Where is the Default Printer set in Crystal Reports? I would still like to know if the printer DRIVER on the computer where I design reports needs to be installed.

Now there are default printers selected on all the computers, no other application seems to have a problem with this. The printers are all network printers and they all print fine. I tried running a report and printing it from the server itself, and it worked fine. It just seems that the desktop machines can't print reports using the Crystal Report Viewer.

Anyone know why the default printer is not being recognized? Or anything that would cause this issue?


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I had this issue a while ago and whilst I think it is a bug that causes it (not detecting the network printers as a valid printer).

I resolved it on one machine by installing Bullzip PDF printer, and on another machine, before I heard of Bullzip, I resolved it by manually adding a local HP printer that did not exist from drivers and chose 'print to file' as the default option.

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What version of CR?

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I've seen issues where if the person creating the report prints the report to test it, for some stupid reason, CR XI will hold on to that printer as the default and cause the issues that you're seeing. It seems to have cleared up, or gotten better in CR2008. There is a setting (I believe it's on page setup) where you can optimize the report for the screen and that seems to help in earlier versions of CR.


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I have written the following code as,

when i am trying to run this code , it shows the error message as 'Invalid Printer Specified'. If i give the local printer name, it is working fine. But i can't able to print the crystal report directly to the network printer. Kind help needed. Thanks in advance.


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May be the printer name is wrong.

Please use the following code to debug what name is coming while choosing the network printer

and then assign proper name.

Still if incase it did not work out, there might be a permission issue then look at

Best of luck,.


Use this code to know the installed printers

and this code on the load function.. you will fill a combobox with the printers and their names correctly, and then use your code

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Canon Printer Drivers

In case anyone else still has this problem:

In the crystal report document you are trying to print, go to:

Design --> Page Setup

A default printer not installed on your server side may have been selected. Remove or replace it and save the document. Then run your .Net code to set the printer dynamically if you want.


For anyone having a similar problem this can be a solution:

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Crystal Reports Odbc Driver

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User 4 backslashes i.e before Networkand 2 backslashes i.e before printername

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Default Printer Crystal Reports

In ASP.Net, a simple and sweet solution consists in install same printer drivers(like hp or zebraa) including version in both server and clinet meachine it will work with @ipaddressprintername.

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Crystal Reports Printer Setup


Hp Printer Drivers

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