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I'm using a litte script to convert PDF to JPG. That works but the quality is very poor.

Convert PDF to JPG Convert your PDF files to a JPG thumbnail by simply switching the extension of the file to JPG. You can also specify the target thumbnail dimensions using the width and height parameters and any available crop mode. Convert pdf to jpg using ImageMagick without Ghostscript. Ask Question. Up vote 8 down vote favorite. I'm trying to convert pdf to jpg using ImageMagick php. This class can be used to convert PDF documents to JPEG images using ImageMagick. It uses ImageMagick convert tool and Ghostscript to generate JPEG images from given PDF files. The resulting images are stored in separate directory. Class to convert PDF file to JPG files and viewing the jpg files as.

The script:

One more thing, I want to keep the original size of the PDF but the conversion crops the size of the JPG.

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5 Answers

It can be done using setResolution, but you need to do it before loading an image.Try something like this:


The quality of the image produced from the PDF can be changed by setting the density (which is the DPI) before reading in the PDF - this gets past to ghostscript (gs) underneath which rasterizes the PDF. To get a good result, supersample at double the density you require, and use resample to get back to the desired DPI. Remember to change the colorspace to RGB if you want an RGB JPEG.

A typical command line version for convert might be:

If you need to crop it, a -shave command following the resample is usually sensible, if the image is centred within the page.

As for the PHP IMagick extension, well, I never personally use it - so am unsure of how you specify file reading hints to it, but I would hope it is possible.


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Ensure that the PDF is created with the correct colour profiles, I once had my JPG being very washed out after resizing due to source file was created with wrong colour profile. See also: ImageMagick PDF to JPEG conversion results in green square where image should be

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Php Convert Pdf To Jpg

I am using ImageMagik to try and convert the contents of a PDF to JPG, but keep getting an empty jpg. I have made sure the perms are 777 on everything for testing so I am a little lost how to continue.

Here is the script I am running

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Php Convert Png To Jpg

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5 Answers

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Use the absolute path to the binary, like this:

But make sure your convert binary is actually on /usr/bin you can check that out with the following command:

which convert

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ImageMagick internally use GhostScript and Generally the conversion of ImageMagick is slow Comparing to Ghoastscript, so If you are only interested on getting convert pdf to images then Ghostscript gs command is faster. below is an sample wrapper around Ghostscript which I wrote few days back.

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Here you have my solution. Use Imagick directly in your php code.

Php Convert Image To Jpg

Convert all PDF pages to JPG

Convert specific PDF page to JPG

Another way to deal with this problem is to use spatie/pdf-to-image library.


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