Canon Dc420 User Manual

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If this document matches the user guide, instructions manual or user manual, feature sets, schematics you are looking for, download it now. Lastmanuals provides you a fast and easy access to the user manual CANON DC420. Canon offers a wide range of compatible supplies and accessories that can enhance your user experience with you DC420 that you can purchase direct. Scroll down to easily select items to add to your shopping cart for a faster, easier checkout. View and Download Canon DC420 product manual online. Digital Camcorder Full Line Product Guide Summer/Fall 2009. Related Manuals for Canon DC420. Camcorder Canon. Manual & Guides - Product User Manuals & Troubleshooting Guides. Products and names mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Affordable, sleek and easy-to-operate, the Canon DC420 gives you the convenience of DVD technology, along with our exclusive Canon 48x Advanced Zoom - a feature only possible with our industry-leading optical technology.

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Canon Dc420 User Manual

PUB. DIM-890
DVD Camcorder
Instruction Manual
Caméscope DVD
Manuel d’instruction
Videocámara DVD
Manual de Instrucciones

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Introduction Important Usage Instructions WARNING! TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS PRODUCT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. WARNING! TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK AND TO REDUCE ANNOYING INTERFERENCE, USE THE RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES ONLY. COPYRIGHT WARNING: Unauthorized recording of copyrighted materials may infringe on the rights of copyright owners and be contrary to copyright laws. DVD Camcorder, DC420 A/DC410 A systems This device complies with Part 15 of the FC

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS In these safety instructions the word “product” refers to 17 Cleaning — Unplug this product from the wall the Canon DVD Camcorder DC420 A/DC410 A and all its outlet before cleaning. Do not use liquid or aerosol accessories. cleaners. The product should be cleaned only as recommended in this manual. 1 Read these instructions. 18 Accessories — Do not use accessories not 2 Keep these instructions. recommended in this manual as they may be 3 Heed all warnings. haza

Canon Dc420 User Manual
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25 Outdoor Antenna Grounding — If an outside may expose you to dangerous voltage or other antenna is connected to the product, be sure the hazards. Refer all servicing to qualified service antenna is grounded so as to provide some personnel. protection against voltage surges and built-up 30 Damage Requiring Service — Disconnect this static charges. Section 810 of the National product from the wall outlet and all power sources Electrical Code, ANSI / NFPA No. 70—1984, including battery, an

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How to Select a DVD Disc There are many types of DVD discs but this camcorder uses only the following three types of 8 cm mini DVD discs: DVD-R, DVD-R DL and DVD-RW. Read the differences between them and select the disc that best fits your needs. DVD-R Best for Compatibility DVD-Rs can be recorded only once – you cannot edit or delete the recordings. On the other hand, these discs are comparatively cheaper and can be played back on most DVD players. DVD-R DL Best for Recording Time Dual-laye

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Enjoying your DVDs After selecting the type of disc that is best for your needs, complete the rest of the preparations ( 18) to get your camcorder ready to start recording. Enjoy Shooting Video ( 28) Take it easy recording movies in mode or have fun trying out more advanced functions ( 36). Finalize the Disc ( 48) Do not forget to finalize your disc with this camcorder to play it back on a DVD player or other external device. FINALIZE Play back your finalized disc on your DVD player ( 49)

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Available features depend on the DVD disc used Disc type DVD-R DVD-R DL DVD-RW Disc specifications VIDEO VIDEO VR Editing scenes with this camcorder (deleting 1 –– – scenes, dividing scenes, etc.) ( 45) Deleting a scene while reviewing it after recording it –– ( 33) Initializing the disc in order to use it again for –– recording ( 47) Giving a title to the disc ( 47) Finalizing the disc in order to play it with an external 2 DVD device ( 48) Adding recordings to a disc already finalized 3

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Table of contents Introduction ____________________________________ 5 How to Select a DVD Disc 6 Enjoying your DVDs 11 About this Manual 12 Getting to Know the Camcorder 12 Supplied Accessories 13 Components Guide 15 Screen Displays Preparations ____________________________________ 18 Getting Started 18 Charging the Battery Pack 20 Preparing the Accessories 20 Basic Operation of the Camcorder 20 Power Switch 21 Joystick and Joystick Guide 21 Using the Menus 23 First Time Settings 23 Setting the

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33 Basic Playback 33 Playing Back the Video 35 Deleting Scenes 36 Additional Functions 36 : Special Scene Recording Programs 38 Flexible Recording: Changing the Shutter Speed 39 LCD Video Light 39 Self Timer 40 Manual Exposure Adjustment 40 Manual Focus Adjustment 41 White Balance 42 Image Effects 42 Digital Effects 43 On-Screen Displays and Data Code 44 Using an External Microphone 45 Editing the Playlist and Disc Operations 45 Creating a Playlist 45 Deleting Scenes from the Playlist 46 Dividin

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57 Protecting Photos 57 Initializing the Memory Card 58 Printing Photos 58 Printing Photos from the Memory Card 58 Direct Print 59 Selecting the Print Settings 61 Print Orders External Connections _____________________________ 63 Terminals on the Camcorder 64 Connection Diagrams 65 Playback on a TV Screen 65 Copying your Recordings to an External Video Recorder Additional Information ____________________________ 66 Appendix: Menu Options Lists 66 FUNC. Menu 68 Setup menus 68 Camera Setup (Advanc

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About this Manual Thank you for purchasing the Canon DC420/DC410. Please read this manual carefully before you use the camcorder and retain it for future reference. Should your camcorder fail to operate correctly, refer to Troubleshooting ( 73). Conventions Used in this Manual • IMPORTANT: Precautions related to the camcorder’s operation. • NOTES: Additional topics that complement the basic operating procedures. • POINTS TO CHECK: Restrictions that apply if the function described is not avail

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Getting to Know the Camcorder Supplied Accessories CA-570 Compact Power NB-2LH Battery Pack Adapter (incl. power cord) STV-250N Stereo Video IFC-300PCU USB Cable Cable ( only) Yellow • Red • White plugs Online product registration for U.S.A. Customers only. Register your product online at Protect your product We will keep the model number and date of purchase of your new Canon product on file to help you refer to this information in the event of an insurance claim such a

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Components Guide Left side view RESET button ( 75) Speaker CARD access indicator ( 51) Lens cover switch ( 28, 51) ( open, closed) MIC terminal* ( 44) AV terminal ( 63) USB terminal** ( 63) DISC access indicator ( 28) Mode switch ( 29) Easy recording Recording programs Disc compartment cover ( 25) switch ( 20) Lock button Strap mount ( 89) Grip belt ( 20) Stereo microphone Right side view * only. ** only. Front view Introduction • 13

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Back view Joystick ( 21) FUNC. button ( 22, 66) DISP. button ( 43) Dioptric adjustment lever ( 29) Viewfinder ( 29) VIEWFINDER button ( 29) DISC COVER switch ( 25) PLAY indicator (green) ( 21) CAMERA indicator (green) ( 21)/ CHARGE indicator (red) ( 18) Start/Stop button ( 28) LCD screen ( 24) Battery attachment unit ( 18)/ Top view Serial number DC IN terminal ( 18) Zoom lever ( 30) / (movies/still images) switch (21) Memory card slot (open the cover to access) ( 27) Memory card slot cover

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Screen Displays Recording movies Operating mode ( 21) / Disc specification ( 5) Recording program ( 36, 38) White balance ( 41) Image effects ( 42) LCD video light ( 39) Digital effects ( 42) Recording mode ( 30) Disc type DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW ( 5) Manual focus ( 40) Image stabilizer ( 68) Playing movies Disc operation (during playback) Time code/Playback time (hours : minutes : seconds) Remaining recording time on the disc Remaining battery charge ( 17) Wind screen off ( 69) Recording

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Recording still images Zoom ( 30), Exposure ( 40) Recording program ( 36, 38) White balance ( 41) Image effects ( 42) LCD video light ( 39) Digital effects ( 42) Drive mode ( 56) Still image quality/size ( 52) Manual focus ( 40) Number of still images available on the Viewing still images memory card Self timer ( 39) AF frame ( 69) Joystick guide ( 21) Focus/exposure automatically set and locked ( 51) Camcorder shake warning ( 68) Image number ( 17, 71) Current image / Total number of imag

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Disc operation Number of still images available on the card Record, Record pause, displayed in red: No card Playback, Playback pause, in green: 6 or more images , Fast playback, in yellow: 1 to 5 images , Fast reverse playback, in red: No more images can be recorded Slow playback, • When viewing the still images, the display will Slow reverse playback always be in green. • Depending on the recording conditions, the Remaining recording time number of available still images displayed may Canon ir2230 scangear toolbox.

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Preparations This chapter describes basic operations, such as navigating the menus, and first time settings to help you learn more about your camcorder. Getting Started 3 Connect the compact power Getting Started adapter to the camcorder’s DC IN terminal. Charging the Battery Pack CHARGE indicator (red) The camcorder can be powered with a battery pack or directly using the compact power adapter. Charge the battery pack before use. For approximate charging times and 4 Attach the battery

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TO REMOVE THE BATTERY PACK NOTES • The battery pack will be charged only when the camcorder is off. • If remaining battery time is an issue, you can power the camcorder using the compact power adapter so the battery pack will not be consumed. • The CHARGE indicator also serves as a rough estimate of the charge status. Two quick flashes at 1-second intervals: Battery pack at least 50% charged. If the indicator flashes quickly but not exactly BATT. switch in this pattern, refer to Trouble

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User Manual

Basic Operation of the Camcorder Preparing the Accessories Basic Operation of the Camcorder Power Switch Lock button In addition to turning the camcorder on and off, the switch also toggles the Fasten the grip belt. camcorder’s operating mode. Adjust the grip belt so that you can To turn on the camcorder: Hold the lock reach the zoom lever with your index button pressed down and turn the finger, and the Start/Stop button with switch to ON. your thumb. To change the operating mode: From