Cannot Load Php5ts Dll Injector

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  • Most php5ts.dll errors are related to missing or corrupt php5ts.dll files. Here are the top five most common php5ts.dll errors and how to fix them.
  • Hi, I'm having a similar problem cant install Apache as a module. I made the php5ts.dll available by adding my php directory to the path, same for my p.
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XAMPP is not starting Apache on XP. Cannot load /xam pp/php/php5ts.dll into server: The application has failed to start because its s ide-by-side configuration is.

Cannot Load Php5ts Dll Injector

Thanks for your input Richard. The version of Windows I was working on was a server edition, so you may be right that you need more dependencies. Author: Topic: Apache 2.2 w/ PHP 5.1 or 4.4 -- Cannot load php5apache2.dll (Read 66501 times) 0 Members and 2 Guests are viewing this topic. [2012-03-31 00:51 UTC] uniflare at gmail dot com Description: ----- Seems to be able to reproduce a crash (php5ts, apache restarts). When 3 modules are used in conjunction (if any of these modules are disabled it does not cause the problem). 'Cannot load c:/php/php5apache2_4.dll into server' is followed by The extra explanation: 'The specified procedure could not be found'. According to bizcom's experience, the problem is not that the procedure could not be found, but that it's incompatible.

I have installed Xampp and am trying to start the apache server but it doesen't work. When I click on the start button on XAMPP control panel then the following message is appear::

Raymond carver they re not your husband pdf printer. if i try it with the batch file well it gives me this error:

any suggestion ?

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3 Answers

uninstall it and reinstall. But during re-installation check start xampp and any other services you want this will start the service automatically for you it has happen to me but on win7 this happens when the port 80 is been use by an other services os try stopping all services before reinstalling.


we have to download Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) so go to the following link and download it then install it. problem will be solved.check this link

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This might not relate to your occasion, but the most frequent cause of Apache failing on my PC is when I forget to kill Skype beforehand. It uses the same 80 port.

Php5ts.dll Download

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Cannot Load Php5ts Dll Injectors

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