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I am trying to move from CodeIgniter to CakePHP and can't figure out the best way to implement an admin panel. In CI I would create two different applications, one for the frontend and one for the admin panel.

I need a very simple PHP database front-end admin panel; a simple records editor for a specified table [closed]. All I need is a simple PHP script where a non. CakePHP Admin Login. Ask Question. Up vote 1 down vote favorite. I have two types of users and right now i dont want to use ACL. With Auth Component i want to achieve the following. Cakephp how to handle admin login redirect. Cakephp admin and user login separate. CakePHP Auth Component Want to Check User Only Dont Want to. Search for jobs related to Admin panel script cakephp or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 14m+ jobs. It's free to sign up and bid on jobs.

After Googling around, I have found three ways to implement admin panel in CakePHP:

  1. Routing - I don't want to use this as I want by Controllers/Models to be separate for frontend and admin panel
  2. Plugin
  3. Two separate apps

Should I use plugin to implement admin panel or should I have separate apps? Any benefits of one over the other?

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I normally develop the admin/backend as a plugin. This keeps your backend/admin controllers/views/models separated from the frontend and you don't have to jump through hoops to have separate stylesheets, layouts etc.

Another advantage is that both front- and backend are still part of the same application, so if desired, you can share logic/components, for example you'll be able to put helpers that are usable both for front- and backend in another plugin (e.g. plugins/Shared or plugins/Handytexttools) and use those both wherever you want

As a rule of thumb; put components that may be reuseable for other projects in a separate plugin, this way you can just add those plugins to other projects without problems. Keep your plugins simple; it's no problem to create a plugin containing just one or two helpers or models and a few files of JavaScript. This will make it easier to 'cherry pick' the plugins that you need for a project. Once Cake has 'cached' the file-locations of all classes in your plugins, the overhead of separate plugins should be minimal.

Coming back to the 'admin' plugin. Try to only include code specific for this project in your admin plugin and reusable parts in another one (e.g. Generic stylesheets and layouts for admin-panels). You'll be able to start a admin-plugin for your next project with minimal coding

Good luck with your project and enjoy CakePHP

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If you want to keep your controllers and models separate - I'd go with a separate app, although you'll end up with a bunch of duplicate code between the apps (maintenance headache waiting to happen).

My choice would be admin routing and an admin theme.

Enable admin routing in /app/Config/core.php

In AppController beforeFilter():

Move all your site views and assets into /app/View/Themed/Site/

Create your admin themes in /app/View/Themed/Admin

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Old and refers to CakePHP 1.3, but still is a question you should check: CakePHP admin panel

The Cake way is routing. I'd go with a plugin like CakeDC Users that makes things easier.


You could use admin-routing. Check out:

Another solution -which I find really easy to implement- is like this:

In your AppController:

This makes the $current_user available in your app.

Then in your view-files, you can check:


I know this is an old thread. But would like to ask if anyone had trouble implementing the admin panel as a plugin. Particularly duplication of code.

For example you're implementing an e-commerce site. You have an OrderController both in the main and admin plugin. Don't you think it's kinda hard to maintain the logic in two places?

How about just using one main controller. It's serves two purpose. One as an API then the controller for your Admin webapp.

Your public side would then basically communicate via API to fetch data.

Do you think it's a good idea?

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You can use admin views like admin_index.ctp just change this

//Configure::write('Routing.admin', 'admin');


Configure::write('Routing.admin', 'admin');

in core.php and in the controller add admin_index() function


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i have created the front of the website by baking the MVC and done the coding also, at that time i haven't backed the admin section.

Now i want to add admin section.which is the best method to do it.

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I am running thru the same issue as you. I have create several controllers (articles, users, fotos, etc), but now I have the need to create an admin section before moving forward. After asking questions here, reading the cookbook and doing some research online this is what I think is the best approach:

  1. Create a control panel controller or whatever you want to call it, where you can have an action called admin_index or admin_display. This action should act like the home.ctp from the pages controller. Just use admin action so all other users should are denied access to this controller. I would have things there like, latest comments, latest users, visits graphs, comments needing approval, etc. This is an example on how to approach this.
  2. Enable Routing.prefixes in your core.php file. (You can find instructions about this in the CakePHP cookbook)
  3. Create admin actions in your controllers such as admin_index, admin_add
  4. Create code in the app_controller where admin is redirected to the control panel controller on login
  5. At last, make a admin layout and make sure the control panel controller and all admin actions use this layout. In this layout you should create a menu that links to all admin actions somewhere in the header and underneath you should have a section where all admin action will be displayed. Theme Forest should have some good control panel examples you can use.

I will be working in my admin system sometime this weekend and If I am successful using this approach I will post the code back in here.

To note: I am also learning CakePHP and although I love it, I can still make beginners mistakes. One thing I would suggest you dont do is start using plugins this early in your game. It will discourage you and sink any hope you have in being successful programming in Cake

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there is much more simpler way for this approach..We can use current_controller fie and define admin_function_you_want.There is no need for creating a new controller for can find notes about it in cake php book

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The best method would be to create your own admin panel, however it would be time consuming at time you can also try out a cakephp plugin and looking at the inner coding learn how it is done.

You can give a try with


You can write yours by using tutorial or you can use one of the existing. If you write yourself Auth component must be implemented as a minimum requirement.

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Free Php Admin Panel Script

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